What Is A Snowboard Stomp Pad? (Aka Traction Pad Or Deck Grip)

If you’re new to snowboarding you may be wondering, what is a snowboard stomp pad, and why do I need one?

Keep reading to learn more about these helpful accessories and find the best one for you.

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What is a snowboard stomp pad?

A stomp pad is a small piece of traction that you can attach to your snowboard (between your bindings.) They are designed to help you keep your footing when one foot is loose. Such as when you are getting on and off the chairlift or skating between lifts.

Most stomp pads are made from rubber with either metal or rubber spikes. They come with an adhesive backing, which makes them easy to apply.

There are many different designs of stomp pads, so you can choose one that matches your style.

Stomp Pad Benefits

In my opinion, there are 4 benefits of installing a stomp pad on your board:

  1. A stomp pad can help you get on and off the chair lift more easily. This is especially helpful if you are a beginner.
  2. A stomp pad can also help you whenever you need to skate (giving you somewhere to put your loose back foot.)
  3. They can help clean snow off your boots before strapping in.
  4. With so many cool snowboard stomp pads out there they can help you customize your snowboard.

Be sure to choose a stomp pad that is made from durable materials and that will stay in place on your snowboard.

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How cool is this Gameboy stomp pad?

Do I Need To Install A Stomp Pad?

Having a stomp pad on your snowboard isn’t necessary, but here are a few reasons why I love them.

  1. They can add style to your board and make it stand out on the mountain.
  2. They make getting off the chair lift a breeze (which allows you to enjoy getting to the top of the hill and not just the view.)
  3. They make skating on your snowboard so much easier.

This is one item I personally will never ride without. I’m also not a pro (like Rodney) and search for anything that will make my life easier on the hill.

Types Of Snowboard Stomp Pads

Rubber Stomp Pad

Rubber stomp pads are the easiest to find and they work great!

As rubber is flexible, it will conform to the movements of your board extremely well (which is great if you like to skate rails and do tricks in the park.)

They also adhere to your board really well and generally give you a large area of traction.

Foam Stomp Pad

I like foam stomp pads because they can easily be cut into any shape you like and they don’t lose their shape in cold weather (rubber can get hard.)

They’re also lighter than the alternatives and tend to be cheaper.

Metal Studs

Instead of a stomp pad, you can put individual metal studs on your board that act as a traction pad.

This allows you to fully customize the look, design and coverage of your stomp pad (which I think is pretty awesome.)

You can also purchase individual rubber studs and do the same thing. I prefer the rubber studs as I feel as though they give me the best grip.


Combine any of the above and what do you get? A hybrid. Yes, they come in many different shapes, styles and sizes and can have a combination of spikes, no spikes, metal and rubber.

There are also some out there made of materials such as cork and aluminum. Feel free to shop around and compare your different options before making a selection.

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How To Choose A Stomp Pad

When choosing a stomp pad, consider the following:

  1. The size of the stomp pad. You will want to make sure that it is big enough to provide adequate coverage.
  2. The material of the stomp pad. Some materials, such as rubber, will provide more traction than others. You will also want to consider how easy the material is to clean.
  3. The design of the stomp pad. Some come as individual pieces and others as one single piece. You want to get the most possible coverage under your boot for the most traction.
  4. Some stomp pads come with designs that can help you customize your snowboard. Others are plain and simple. Choose a design that you like and that will compliment your snowboard.

With so many different options available, you can find the perfect stomp pad for your needs.

How Much Do Stomp Pads For Snowboards Cost?

The prices of stomp pads for snowboards can vary depending on the design and quality.

Most stomp pads cost between $15-$30 with popular brands (like Crab Grab) being in the higher range.

Ultimately, the price of a stomp pad will come down to personal preference and budget.

image showing what is a snowboard stomp pad

How To Install Your Stomp Pad

Since we’re going over the question “what is a snowboard stomp pad,” we might as well talk about how to install one as well.

First Figure Out Where To Place The Stomp Pad

  1. Lay your snowboard flat on the floor and put your snowboard boots on.
  2. Stand on the board with your back foot touching the inside of the back binding (your front foot can be placed in the front binding.) Make sure you have a comfortable stance.
  3. Next place a piece of tape on the board where both the inside and outside of your back boot touch the board.
  4. The stomp pad should be placed in the center of these tape marks to ensure you get the best coverage under your boot.

*NOTE* If you’re using a stomp pad with several individual pieces, mark out with tape where each piece will go within that space before installing.

Installing Your Stomp Pad

  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the top sheet of the area where you will be installing the traction pad. This will help ensure that it stays in place and does not come off while you are riding.
  2. Make sure your board is warm (you can even heat up the surface with a blow dryer for the best possible stick.)
  3. Remove the backing from the stomp pad and heat up the adhesive on the pad as well.
  4. Press the stomp pad into place on your snowboard and hold it down for a while (or get something heavy to set on it.)

Once the stomp pad is in place, allow it to set for 24hrs. If you ride before it has had time to set you run the risk of it falling off.

You may need to replace your stomp pad periodically if it starts to peel off or wears out.


I hope this fully answered your question, “what is a snowboard stomp pad” (and then some.)

They are a great addition to your board (especially if you’re a beginner) and offer much-needed grip when you’re skating between lifts or dismounting the chair lift.

I’ll take any help I can get on the slopes (remember, not a pro) but it’s up to you to decide if it’s something you want to add to your board.

Now that we know what a stomp pad is, maybe you’re curious about the different kinds of snowboards as well.