What is a Guardian Bell For a Motorcycle? (5 Important Things to Know)

What is a guardian bell for a motorcycle? In simple terms, a guardian bell is a small charm usually hung on a motorcycle’s frame. The concept behind the motorcycle bell is that the ringing of the bells will ward off evil road spirits.

These “road gremlins” are believed to cause mischief on the roads like motorcycle accidents and mechanical problems. Many motorcyclists believe in the power of the guardian bell and feel that it offers them some protection while out on the road.

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Whether or not you believe in the mystical powers of this small bell, receiving one from a loved one (or fellow biker) is never a bad thing.

How Does a Guardian Bell Work?

Have you heard the legend of the guardian bell? Gremlins are believed to be harmful spirits that lurk on the roadways looking for motorcycles to latch on to. Once these little gremlins latch on, they will cause inexplicable problems for both the motorcycle (like mechanical issues) and its riders.

So how exactly does a gremlin bell work? When placed at the lowest (and closest to the front) point on the bike, it is the first thing that the road gremlin will encounter.

Once the gremlins are captured in the hollow of the bell, the constant ringing of the bell will infuriate them and cause them to release their hold on the bike. They will then return to the roadway looking for another unsuspecting rider that doesn’t have the protective power of a bell.

Guardian Bell Specific Rules

A Guardian Bell serves as a kind of good luck charm that can be hung on your motorcycle to bring you protection. There are, however, some very specific rules to follow.

  1. You cannot buy a gremlin bell for yourself, it must be given to you by a loved one. According to legend, a bell is “activated” when it is given to you through a gesture of goodwill. It is especially powerful if given to you by another rider.
  2. It should be attached to the lowest part of the frame and as close to the front of your bike as possible. Because the “gremlins” lurk on the highways, you want the bells hung as low as possible and in the front so it is the first thing that they contact on the bike.
  3. If you intend to sell your bike, the guardian bell should be removed. If you would like to pass the biker bell on to the new rider, you should remove it and hand it to them in person as a good gesture. Then they can put it back on the bike. Or, you can put it on your new bike instead.
  4. A guardian bell that is not given with good intentions will not ward off gremlins (for example if it was stolen.) It will bring with it the bad karma instead with which it was received and will not ward off bad spirits.
  5. Having multiple guardian bells on a bike is not necessary. One given with love from a fellow rider or loved one is all you need to protect yourself and your bike from bad spirits on the road.

Are Guardian Bells Only Made for Harleys?

No, you don’t need to own a Harley to receive the protection of a Guardian Bell. All motorcyclists can benefit from the protection these bells offer while they ride, no matter what type of bike they’re riding.

While the tradition is strong in the Harley community, most riders of cruisers and touring bikes also install guardian bells on their bikes based on their beliefs. It is less common to see a spirit bell on sports bikes and “crotch rockets”.

Where do you Hang Your Guardian Bell?

Generally speaking, the lowest part of your bike closest to the front of the bike, is the best spot. That way it is the first thing that the evil road gremlins will encounter when it touches the bike.

Some riders like to hang it directly behind their front tire because that is where the evil spirits will be kicked out from when they drive over them. Based on personal preference we have seen riders hang them from various places on their bikes, but this is one of the best places to hang your guardian bell.

What are Some Other Names For Guardian Bells?

Guardian bells are known by many different names, but here are some of the more common ones:

  1. Gremlin bells
  2. Spirit Bells
  3. Motorcycle Bells
  4. Angel Bells
  5. Ride Bells
  6. Biker Bells
  7. Commemorative Bells
  8. Memorial Bells
  9. Guardian Angel Bells

Gifting a guardian angel bell is a meaningful and thoughtful way to bring protection to a loved one who enjoys hitting the open road on a motorcycle.

Here are some of our favourite bells from Amazon:

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For centuries, bikers have carried guardian bells in the hopes of warding off bad luck and protecting them from harm. Whether you choose a beautiful and intricate design or an understated and classic one, having a guardian bell on your bike is both meaningful and decorative.

These little bells make perfect gifts for the new owner of a bike, or even for veteran bikers that have never received a protective charm before. You can place one on your bike knowing that it symbolizes the centuries-old traditions of motorcycle riders everywhere.

Now that we’ve protected the bike, maybe some of these wicked motorcycle gifts will interest you.


Who Can Give a Guardian Bell?

Anyone can give a guardian bell, but it is best to receive one from another rider. Avoid purchasing a gremlin bell for yourself as it must be given to you by a loved one in order for it to work.

Where do You Put a Guardian Bell?

Put a guardian bell on the lowest (and closest to the front) part of your bike frame. It will be the first thing that the road gremlins will encounter and will ward off their evil spirits.

Is it OK to Buy Your Own Guardian Bell?

No, for a guardian bell to work, it must be given to you by a loved one. Legend has it that a bell is “activated” through the action of goodwill when it is given to a rider (especially from another rider.)

What Does it Mean When You Give a Biker a Bell?

A guardian bell is a gesture of protection and good karma for a biker and their bike. When you give someone a guardian bell, this goodwill gesture will protect them from evil spirits on the road.