31 Prized Personalized Camping Gifts (That They’ll Cherish Forever)

Everyone likes the sound of their own name.

That’s why personalized camping gifts are such a great idea!

From custom blankets and hoodies to camping utensils and water bottles, this gift guide is about getting the camper in your life excited about themselves!

Let me help you find one of the best camping gifts they’ve ever received.

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Budget Personalized Camping Gifts (Under $30)

From personalized pint glasses to a custom camping journal, these budget camping gifts under $30 will remind your camping friend of how special they are to you.

Adding personalization to gifts gives them that “special touch” and will surely warm their hearts!


personalized roasting sticks
Photo by: donebetter

1. Personalized Roasting Sticks

Help them make memories around the campfire with these personalized telescopic roasting sticks. These are great gifts for the whole family.


personalized camping mug
Photo by: KamprCo

2. Custom Camping Mugs

A truly unique gift that will last for years to come!

They’ll think of you every time they sip their favourite beverage.


personalized camping doormat
Photo by: justgottalook

3. Personalized Camping Doormat

How welcoming is this custom doormat?

With this special gift, you’ll make them feel at home (no matter where they are).

It’s especially a great gift for RV owners.

personalized digital print

4. Custom Digital Print

I love this fully customizable digital print, and I think they will too!

You can really make something special for your favorite camper by adding their dog, cat and any other cherished family members.

personalized camping utensils
Photo by: VISParadiseGoods

5. Camping Utensils

Buy them an adorable and practical gift with this personalized set.

It’s a complete set with a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks.

Find the perfect one for them with many different colors to choose from!

personalized pint glass
Photo from: WildeNomad

6. Happy Camper Pint Glass

I sure would be happy if I received this personalized beer pint!

Bonus: they’ll never have to ask “Which glass is mine” with this fun gift.

personalized camping journal
Photo by: WildeNomad

7. Personalized Camping Journal

Do “Memories last forever?”

They sure do if you write about them!

That’s why they’ll LOVE this thoughtful gift. Plus journalling in nature is suuuuper peaceful!

personalized camp tshirt
Photo by: StudioEGifts

8. Personalized Camping T-Shirt

Have a camping family to buy for?

These stylish, custom t-shirts are the perfect gift!

And don’t forget about the babies who love to camp in your life; there are customized onesies for them too!

personalized camping keychain
Photo by: Pawsonalize

9. Customized Keychain

You can personalize the name, quote and camping style on this adorable little keychain.

With a wide variety of customization, you can make a truly unique gift for them!

personalized camping makeup bag
Photo by: BrantPointPrep

10. Customized Glamping Bag

This is the best thing a “glamping girl” could get to hold all of her camping necessities.

It’s stylish, cheeky and I know she’ll love it!

Mid-Budget Personalized Gifts For Campers ($30-$100)

With mid-budget personalized camping gifts ranging from $30-$100, you can really wow the outdoor lover in your life!

From unique monogrammed outdoor gear to customized games, these creative gifts will add an extra spark of fun to any camping trip!


custom campsite flag
Photo by: TheSimpleBird

11. Camping Flags

“Life is better by the campfire,” I couldn’t agree more!

This personalized garden flag is the perfect gift for any campsite and can be printed on both sides for maximum exposure!


12. Custom Checkerboard

Help them pass the time on their next camping trip with this unique gift.

The pieces can be customized, and a favourite quote or phrase can be added to the board.


personalized camping chair
Photo by: MonkaDunkCreations

13. Personalized Camping Chairs

Make sure nobody takes their spot with this cozy gift.

Everything about this oversized camping chair can be personalized.

From the colour of the chair to the font, you can make it extra special!

personalized compass

14. Personalized Compass

I LOVE this compass!

The front, inside or back can be personalized for that special camper in your life.

Whether it be a quote or their name, this is a great idea for those who like to wander.

personalized camping blanket
Photo by: Solesmith

15. Camping Blanket

This super cozy blanket is perfect for brisk nights around the campfire.

Personalize it with their family name or text of your choice. They’ll absolutely love it!

personalized camping platter
Photo by: SimplySublimeGifts

16. Camping Platter

This melamine serving platter is both functional and decorative.

Personalize it with their name, and they’ll be proud to bring it out at the next campground potluck!

personalized couples camping tumblers
Photo by: PersonalizedbyDawn

17. Couples Camping Tumblers

The perfect gift who couples who love camping and the great outdoors.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, they are built to last and keep their favourite beverages at the right temperature (hot or cold).

personalized rv decal happy campers
Photo by: JadeDecals

18. Personalized RV Decals

Add some personalization to their RV camper with this cute decal.

With multiple colours and sizes to choose from, you’ll be able to create the best gift for them.

19. 3 in 1 Backpack

This multifunctional backpack is the perfect gift for someone who also likes to explore.

It’s a backpack, a cooler and a folding chair and can be customized with their initials.

personalized music plaque
Photo by: UArtistStudio

20. Personalized Music Plaque

How cool is this unique camping gift? You can customize it with a special camping photo and a favourite song.

They will treasure this gift for years to come!

personalized photo puzzle
Photo by: BevveeCo

21. Custom Puzzle

Take a favourite camping photo and turn it into a 500-piece puzzle for them!

Just imagine their pleasure as they piece the memory back together.

personalized camping coffee set
Photo by: PomchickGift

22. Coffee Set

This set comes with a card, a coffee mug, a coaster and a coffee maker (for either 1 or 2).

Personalize it with the name of your favourite camper and the date the memories started.

personalized playing cards and dice set
Photo by: EastCoastSignsllc

23. Playing Card and Dice Set

Cards and dice are essential items to bring along for camping.

This personalized set will be a great way to pass the time on their next camping trip.

Big-Budget Personalized Camping Gifts ($100+)

For the extra special campers in your life, these big-budget gifts will surely put a smile on their face (especially #31!)

These are some of the best-personalized gifts for campers you can find.


personalized fire ring
Photo by: FiveMetalDesign

24. Personalized Fire Ring

Made of heavy-duty 12 gauge steel, this thing will hold up to the biggest fires!

It’s the perfect gift for special occasions (like a housewarming!)

And the intricate detail really comes to life with a little bit of fire.


personalized art print
Photo by: Patricia Carlin

25. Art Print

So many AMAZING memories by the fire!

You can mix and match skin tones, hair colours and figures to make this a truly unique gift.

This personalized scene will be one of those special gifts that they will treasure forever.


personalized viking axe
Photo by: VikingsValhalla

26. Custom Viking Axe

They could literally chop down a tree with this hand-forged axe.

The personalization options are endless with this one-of-a-kind gift making it a very special gift.

customized rv blanket
Photo by: RelatableBasic

27. Personalized RV Blanket

This blanket is the perfect size for cuddling around a campfire or other outdoor events!

Woven out of 100% cotton and customized for them, this is one of the best gift ideas for your favourite campers!

personalized wooden camping sign
Photo by: 3Dwoodworker

28. Custom Camp Sign

This beautiful sign is made from solid pine and is the perfect personalized camp gift.

With three different sizes, you can create the perfect personalized gift for them.

personalized backgammon set
Photo by: austero

29. Personalized Backgammon Set

What better way to pass the time (especially as a couple) than with this personalized set?

Playing backgammon is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon at the campsite.

personalized camping grill
Photo by: SoldarMetals

30. Personalized Camping Grill

Camping in the backyard?

Tell them you’ll bring the grill!

It can be customized with 1 of 5 different images and their name.

personalized hoodie blanket
Photo by: Undify

31. Hoodie Blanket

They’ll be cozy and get a good laugh with this personalized hoodie blanket.

You can add up to 8 different images so the whole camping crew can get one with their faces on it!

Before You Go…

We hope this blog post gave you plenty of ideas for personalized camping gifts for your favourite camping lover (they’d also make great personalized RV gifts!)

No matter your choice, they will surely appreciate the thought that went into these unique gift ideas and make unforgettable memories with them on their next awesome adventure!

They’re not personalized, but maybe they’d love some of these RV gifts or camping games as well!