Hey, it’s nice to meet you!

My name is Candice and I love the great outdoors! My best memories growing up were spent camping, hiking and being on the back of a motorcycle with my mom or in the sidecar with my big bro (aren’t we adorable!?)

my brother and I passed out in the sidecar

We always joke that there are people from all around the world that have pictures of my brother and me in the sidecar of my dad’s Honda Goldwing (seriously, tourists loved it!)

Growing up in Alberta, Canada we went on many camping trips to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It felt like we spent the entire summer on the road, bouncing from campsite to campsite and making lasting memories along the way.

The winters were mostly spent cross-country skiing and hiking with our dogs. It wasn’t until I got older that I started getting into more extreme activities like dirt biking, snowboarding, scuba diving and sky diving.

candice the author on her dirtbike

When I met Rodney, he was an avid dirt biker and my passion for riding was born. We are both adrenaline junkies so we have spent the last 10+ years seeking adventures around the world (there’s so much more travelling to do!)

Living in Canada, the summers are short but we make the best of it out at our lake lot. This….is my happy place. We spend the time dirt biking, kayaking, paddle boating and making memories with our beloved “lake fam.”

Our camper is our “summer home” and I absolutely love it. There’s no running water or electricity but we have both running water and electricity (living off the grid!) Mostly everything that we have built out there was built with upcycled and recycled materials (and a lot of creativity.)

our campsite complete with rv, cook shack, wood shack and observation deck

And, just when we think we’re done building things out there, someone (in the lake fam) comes up with another great idea!

10 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I ran out of air on my last dive to get certified as an open-water scuba diver. It scared the sh!t out of Rodney, myself and our divemaster (but I’m still here to tell the tale and have continued diving!)
  2. I am absolutely obsessed with potato chips! Seriously, you’ll find me by the chips at any party.
  3. I have travelled to 10 different countries and my first trip out of Canada was to Colombia, South America.
  4. I stabbed myself twice (once in the stomach and once in the arm.) Not on purpose, of course, I was a butcher at one point in my life and had a few accidents.
  5. I didn’t start riding a dirt bike until I was 31. It has been challenging and scary, but also very rewarding.
  6. I love to cook and I am inspired by the flavours of the world (I have so many spices.) I wasn’t excited about cooking until I adopted a plant-based diet about 5 years ago, now I am obsessed!
  7. I also really love photography but again, it wasn’t something that I got into until my late 30s. My favourite subjects are random things like lawn ornaments and flowing liquids.
  8. My favourite drink is a cold pint of Alley Kat Aprikat on a hot day (I could go for one right now but it’s winter and cold outside!)
  9. I don’t have (and have never wanted) any kids. My two cats Mr. Lynx and Panda Bear are the only babies I need. I grew up with animals and they have always brought me so much love and comfort in my life.
  10. My favourite food is wood-fired pizza (I really need to build a pizza oven at the lake) with simple toppings like mushrooms, pesto and arugula. Oh…and pineapple (are you team pineapple on pizza?)

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I can’t wait to share some of my knowledge and passion about the great outdoors with you!