Candice: “I never believed in ‘love at first sight’ until I met Rodney.”

Rodney: “I never believed in ‘love at first sight’ until I bought my first dirt bike.”

Hey, I’m Candice, and I know I’ll never be Rodney’s first love but that’s ok. Since we met, over 10 years ago now, we have done some pretty cool things together. Within our first few months of dating, we jumped out of a plane TWICE (I know, a match made in heaven, right?)

Since then we have jumped out of more planes together, swam the depths of the oceans and even almost died on a crazy adventure together (but that’s a story for another day.)

candice and rodney scuba diving

The adrenaline junkies in both of us have us staying pretty active all year round. Dirt biking, camping, kayaking, and cycling in the summer. Our RV lake lot is constantly getting upgrades (as we love to spend our summers out there) and enjoying going “off the grid” as often as we can.

In the winter we enjoy snowboarding, travelling (along with scuba diving and snorkelling) and skating through the winter as fast as we can!

Over the last decade, we’ve bought a lot of outdoor gear (whether it be gifts for each other or just stuff we needed for our next crazy adventure) so we know how tedious it can be to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Hence, candice&rodney was born. We wanted to create a place to share our gift ideas, “best” guides and knowledge with other outdoor enthusiasts like us. I hope you find some useful information here and thanks for stopping by.

candice and rodney